Current Innovations

Leveraging technology, to facilitate growth in Digital Age.

Enterprise Resource Planning

NWAY Cloud is being implemented to leverage role-based access to critical data, applications, and analytical tools to effectively manage and utilize JNL’s fleet and operations. NWAY will drive strong and sustainable growth by providing access to mission critical business data as an online platform.

GPS Monitoring

Our solution to monitors our fleets through GPS technology, which measure timeliness & utilization of the vehicles & equipment. They also provide mapping and replay vehicle location history with real time alerts & notifications.

Building Information Modelling

We constantly are moving towards implementing building information modelling in our all building projects. BIM provides us with the added advantage of clash detection between the different trades and reduces the amount of wastage.

Real Time Site Surveillance and Conferencing

Remote surveillance is being implemented in all our sites to gain better control, improve monitoring and improve internal controls. Video and Audio conferencing are being utilized to remotely monitor and track the site’s progress.

Artificial Intelligence

We are using AI in our operations across its lifecycle, from inception and design to operation and asset management to improve our processes and streamline our working. We have incorporated drones in our methods to get accurate survey and surveillance. Our company is integrating for complete digitalization of all our processes. We hope to grow hand in hand with Digital India initiatives.